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Adobe Discounts

About the Adobe Discount Program

Adobe® is a leading provider of software for a number of industries. These industries include photography and graphic design, audio, video, web design and development and application design and development. Because of the fact that adobe has established itself is industry standard for so many companies, the software comes at a premium. Many colleges in other educational institutions require certain software for their programs so Adobe offer discounts to help ensure everyone has access to the software they need. They offer an educational discount for students, teachers, and institutions, but have rotating special promos with no coupon required for individuals who do not qualify under the educational program. In addition to purchasing the software out right, people can purchase an Adobe Cloud membership, that will give you access to Adobe programs, “in the cloud’ on a monthly basis.

Qualifying for an Adobe Educational Discount

As a Student[+]: you must be enrolled and university or college either public or private using a degree requiring no less than 2 years a full time study; a primary or secondary school student at an accredited institution; or home schooled as to find by your state’s homeschooling regulations. You can show your proof of eligibility through your school ID, your report card, your transcript, or a tuition bill or statement. If you are home schooled you must show one of the following: a dated copy of a letter and of intent to homeschool, a current membership ID to homeschool Association, or dated proof of purchase of curriculum for the current academic school year.

As a Teacher[+]:You must be able to show that you are faculty or staff employed by an accredited primary or secondary school, public or private university or college, school district, or Board of Education. If you are a teacher of the home school student you must be able to show that you qualify under rules to find by your state’s homeschooling regulations.

As an Institution[+]: In order to qualify as an institution, you must be accredited as a public or private primary or secondary educational facility; an accredited public or private university or college that grants degree programs requiring no less than 2 years of full time study; a school board or Office of Education, a homeschool approved by Adobe, a government school located anywhere in the United States or Canadian territories, an educational institution approved in writing by Adobe, a hospital that is wholly owned and operated by an educational institution, a higher education research laboratory that is a public institution recognized by the United States Department of Education or the Canadian Provincial Ministries of Education that teaches students and can provide copy of the bylaws that state the relationship with the controlling University.

Software Discounts for Individuals

if you do not qualify for an Adobe discount under the educational rules, you may still be eligible for discount that Adobe runs on regular basis for their other customers[+]. These discounts change from time to time and will not always be available.

Benefits of Having the Adobe Discount

Having an Adobe discount means you could save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on the software you need. Whether you use an educational discount or a traditional discount, the savings are always good.

Do the Adobe Discounts Expire?

students will lose their educational discount upon graduation from any accredited facility that qualifies them for the discount. They will be able to maintain the software they already have but upgrades may be charged at the traditional price. Teachers will lose their educational discount if they choose to no longer teach out on the credit facility recognized by Adobe. Institutions will be able to maintain their discounts for as long as they remain an institution. Individual discounts will expire according to the terms and conditions set forth by Adobe for the particular promotion.

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