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BoostMobile Discounts

About Boost Mobile Discounts

Boost Mobile®[+] is a prepaid cell phone service, operating on the Sprint® network.They offer three plans at different price points. All the plans include unlimited talk and texting. Other plans include data. Coverage is available anywhere where Sprint coverage is available.

Finding Boost Mobile Discounts

You can find a number of Boost Mobile discounts online. These discounts change on a regular basis and are typically only valid for a limited time. Pay close attention to the terms and conditions on your promo code, discount code, or coupon to make sure it qualifies for the deal you are most interested in.

Discounts are not typically available on the plans themselves, unless you are part of the Shrinking Payments program, but online discounts are available to help you save money on your phone. And because you’re not under contract, you can upgrade your phone at any time.

The “Shrinking Payments” Program

The Boost Mobile Shrinking Payments[+] program is an excellent way to save money on your cell phone bill, and it is designed to reward customer loyalty. No matter which plan you choose with Boost, for every six months you make on time payments, you’ll get a $5 (up to $15) monthly discount on your service, for the life of your service with Boost. For instance, if you’re on the $50/month plan, you can be down to $35/month after 18 months of service.

Benefits of Boost Mobile Discounts

Saving money on your phone can help you fit the one you really want in your budget. If you just need something get started, you can keep an eye out for discounts to help you get the phone you want after you save for it.

Do Boost Mobile Discounts Expire?

Discounts on phones and other special promotions have limited running times, and chance often. Your Shrinking Payments discount will expire if you do not continue to make on time payments, or you switch to another provider. If you come back to boost after

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  1. Nyra B Owens says:

    I have several Boost Mobile phones left from my upgrades, can I reactivate one of these and add it to my account. Which I will need a phone number for the phone.


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  3. Jennifer says:

    My daughter joined the army. Does she get a discount thru boost mobile? I know other companies do?

  4. Does Boost give military discounts?

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