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Carfax Discounts

About Carfax Discounts

CARFAX[+] is a service that allows you to get a detailed vehicle history report. This is helpful for individuals who are on the market for a new used car, and want to make sure the information reported to them about the vehicle is correct. It is also useful for car dealers who specialize in used cars. It helps them decide whether a vehicle is worth accepting a trade on, or purchasing for their lot. There is a special program for dealers, so they can offer a Carfax vehicle history report to their customers for no additional cost.

Discounts are available through a number of coupon codes and promo codes sites, but these may or may not work. You should test the code before you make a purchase to see whether or not it works.

Qualifying for a Carfax Discount

If you are a member of AAA[+], you automatically get a 15% discount on all Carfax reports purchased through the AAA website. If you are not an AAA member, you can use promo codes to try to get a discount, but these promo codes change on a regular basis. If you are an auto dealer, you will need to sign up for the promotion directly with Carfax to ensure you can get unlimited reports.

Terms and Conditions of Your Carfax Discount

Since Carfax discounts change on a regular basis, and can be activated or deactivated at any time, make sure the discount you’re using is valid at the time of your purchase. There are discounts available for single report purchases, as well as multiple reports. Contact Carfax directly with questions or concerns.

Benefits of Having the Carfax Discount

Buying a used car is risky business. Sometimes, repairs can be made to make it look like there is no significant damage, but the reality is the car is something completely different from what it is marketed to you as. Many states have lemon laws in place, but they do not apply to used vehicles. And, even if you make it a point to purchase a warranty for your used vehicle, it may not cover everything that could go wrong with the car. Looking at a Carfax report before you buy can help you make an educated purchase decision, especially if you’ve found multiple cars that fit your needs and budget.

Do the Carfax Discounts Expire?

The promos and discount codes CarFax has available at any given time will have a set expiration date. However, they continue to release a variety of codes, so a special seems to always be running. Once you use the discount to purchase a report, the information on the report can change depending on what happens to the vehicle in question.

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