Comcast Discounts

About the Comcast Discount Program

Comcast® is a leading provider of cable television, Internet, and VoIP telephone services. Though not available in all areas, Comcast offers services to customers in 49 states, excluding Hawaii. Service is also available in Washington D.C. However, services are not available in all cities of all states. If you are looking for new cable or Internet service, discounts can help you save money every month.

New Customer Discounts

Comcast offers a variety of new customer discounts to people who have never had an account with them or have gone several months without service from them. The discount constantly change, but are usually for bundling services such as cable and Internet. The most savings comes and when you bundle all three services together. Cell phone service is also available through Verizon® Wireless.The official website offers details on Comcast Packages [+] that will keep you up to date with the most current promotions. If you place your order for services over the phone, be sure to ask about discounts you can qualify for.

Terms and Conditions of Your Comcast Discount

The XFINITY® Home package is available to residential customers only, and requires a three year service agreement. If you cancel before then, an early termination fee will apply. If you opt to have Verizon Wireless services attached to your account. a new two-year agreement is required, and an early termination fee applies to that as well. Not all offers are available in all areas. New customer discounts are valid for a term of up to 12 months.

Benefits of Having a Comcast Discount

The discounts will allow you to get the tv, Internet, and phone services you need, at a more affordable price. The discounts do expire after you are no longer considered a new customer, so you will have to call and adjust your services accordingly to keep your bill around the same price. You may be able to call and negotiate a new discount for your account.

Do Comcast Discounts Expire?

Yes, the discounts do expire, most of the time before your three year service agreement has ended. Promotions and deals are changing all the time, so when you sign up for your initial service, make sure you are within the guidelines of the offer.

4 responses to “Comcast Discounts”

  1. David Devore says:

    Does Comcast offer military discounts for veterans who can provide their dd214 (Certificate of Honorable Discharge)?

  2. Mrs Dave Harris says:

    do you give discounts to senior citizens or tired military

  3. Desiree Burns says:

    Does xfinity comcast offer senior discounts? I’m asking for my dad? And it seems like his bill just keeps going up? He only has his home phone and cable with HD modem.

  4. Kathryn Hudson says:

    Desiree, Call Comcast and tell them it is unacceptable for your Dad’s bill to keep going up. They tried this with my 90 yr old mother in law, we called and they lowered the bill.

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