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Dish Discounts

About Dish Network Discounts

Dish Network® [+] is a popular provider of satellite television to people all over the country. They offer service in all states, where you have a clear view of the southwestern sky. Though the do not have the NFL Sunday Ticket® like DirecTV®, they offer a number of promotions and incentives to entice customers to sign up for service. As of November 2013, you cannot use Dish Network as part of a bundle with your Internet and telephone services.

Finding Dish Network Discounts

The best place to find current deals and promotional pricing is directly on the official website, though searching the web can help you find discount codes to save money. Beware though, promotional codes and coupon codes may not always work, so you will need to test them in order to be sure they apply to your order.

Terms and Conditions of Your Dish Network Discount

Each discount will have its own set of terms and conditions. Some discounts will only apply to orders for new service established by a certain date. Some discounts will only apply to certain packages. All discounts apply to new customers only, and a two-year service agreement is required to qualify for these discounts. If you cancel your service before the end of your agreement, an early termination fee will apply.

Benefits of Having the Dish Network Discount

Dish NEtwork discounts allow you to get “extras” you otherwise may not consider paying for, at the price you would be comfortable paying for TV service. For instance, DVR upgrades are included for free, though a small monthly service fee still applies. HD channels are free for life, and you get the ability to watch TV from anywhere using an iPad. Some packages will include a free iPad® 2.

Do the Dish Network Discounts Expire?

The coupon codes and promotional offers will expire, and change from time to time. If you sign up for service under one of these promotions, it should last for the duration of your contact with the company. However, make sure you talk to a customer service representative to have a better understanding about which service discounts will expire and when. Some discounts, such as the free HD for life, will remain in effect for your entire time as a customer with them, even after you have fulfilled your contract requirements.

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12 responses to “Dish Discounts”

  1. Peggy says:

    Why does the website not disclose the actual cost of each of the packages?? I decided to downsize my programing and decided on the Smart package for 19.99 but was decided on the welcome package which wasn’t even an option but had to pay more than the Smart Package which said 19.99.. Had to pay almost double that… I feel this is deceptive advertising…

  2. says:

    Do dish tv offer a discount for veterans ? .

    • Kathy says:

      In Comersus you can setup discounts per quatnity, special price for wholesale customers, percentage or fixed discount with a code, percentage or fixed discount with a code for specific products and assign special prices for specific customers.If you need other type of discount schema, a customization can be made.[]

    • Chuck Male says:

      Does dish tv give a veterans discount ❓

  3. Louise says:

    I am a senior citizen and saw you had cheaper pkgs for seniors, and I am not interested in the sports channels and all those music channels, but like the two Hallmark channels, HGTV, ABC Family, Sundance, BBC, Fox movies, Turner Classic movies, AMC, ABC Family, Reelz, Sundance, BYU, Bravo, and also don’t need a DVR, since I don’t record shows. So what would it cost to get the shows I like in a pkg.?

  4. Lloyd L.Ray says:

    I have had you as a service for a long time and I am Gregory L. Ray Durable Power of Attorny. He is gonna be 94 Years old this year and is getting crappy signal. I want him reemburst for the junk he has been getting. He is not stupid but there are some channels he loves… (A) fix it or I have him set to go with Charter. HD should not have cut off screen you have to understand this is all he can do, don’t take advantage of old people or You will make the news, I’ll see to that. Go out there and fix what your charging him for or I will have Charter set him up. Take care of old folks not advantage. Hope to here from you asap Thanks Gregory L. Ray, He will be so thankfull. Greg

  5. Franklin says:

    Dish Network DOES NOT offer any senior discounts. Maybe when Charlie Ergan turns 65 he will offer all of the seniors a discount.

  6. Richard Lanter says:

    I just talk to dish about my bill. He said I could go to a lower package and said I should go to and I could get a list of channels and price on packages. Ok I went there. Checked lots of places but still didn’t find the place where rates and channels were for exiting Customers. And it says senior discounts- I didn’t see any thing about that on the page. Also said no promotions were in place at this time.

  7. C Steen says:

    Was thinking of switching from Direct TV to Dish.Dish has some things that may not be as good as is hoped..Years ago I had about every thing direct offerd.It was less than $100.00 per monthy.Have been billed for in excess $150.00 per month.There is no good fairy out there to help you.That is just the way it is.

  8. AA says:

    Use promo code ARP185375069 for $50 credit towards your bill when you sign up. Use multiple codes.

  9. Louis says:

    I have federate bone diesel in my neck and lower back and can’t work.i was wandering if I signed up wit dish could they help me out on my monthly bill if I get a letter from my doctor

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