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Fingerhut Discounts

About Fingerhut Discounts

Fingerhut® is a mail catalog ordering service, and online store where you can buy a number of items, including: sporting goods, electronics, furniture, kitchen, health and beauty, toys, shoes, apparel, baby, and bed and bath. There’s a little something for everyone, and multiple name brand products are available.

Fingerhut uses a number of revolving coupon codes so you can get discounts on your online orders, and you always have the option to pay in full if you do not want to get a line of credit with them.

Applying for Fingerhut Credit

Fingerhut credit[+] is based on your personal credit rating. There are two different programs for people who are interested in becoming Fingerhut customers.

Fingerhut Fresh Start® is the perfect program for people who have no credit or a bad credit history. It allows you to make a single purchase. Once it is paid off in full, and on-time, you will establish a good credit report with Fingerhut, and will graduate to the full Fingerhut credit account. You’ll get a credit limit of anywhere from $130 to $230, and you will be able to pay it back in six to eight monthly payments. A $30 down payment is required, and when you graduate, you will get a credit line increase.

The Fingerhut credit line is the perfect program for those who have good credit and need to make a larger purchase. You may be required to make a $30 down payment on your first purchase only, but the credit limit will be anywhere from $300 to $800. The credit line will revolve, so you can use it as much as you like, up to your limit. You’ll have low monthly payments, with the opportunity for credit limit increases and deferred payments. Plus, you can choose your own payment due date.

The Fingerhut Choice Plus Program

The Fingerhut Choice Plus[+] program is a special program for Fingerhut customers who choose to enroll. The program costs $59 a year (payment of $6.99 a month), and includes a number of benefits.

  • Free standard shipping on all orders
  • A special customer service number to call for help
  • A 60 day in-home trial, so you have 30 extra days to make a return
  • Free return shipping
  • Price Guarantee:If you order a product and at any point during your membership Fingerhut lowers the price, not including clearance, you’ll get a refund to your Fingerhut account.

The membership will automatically renew, unless you call to cancel. If after you sign up you decide the membership is not for you, you can call and cancel for a prorated refund on the portion of the membership you did not use.

Benefits of Having the Fingerhut Choice Plus Program

If you’re a regular Fingerhut shopper, the membership will pay for itself in just a few purchases, from the shipping discounts alone. The additional time to test an item in your home lets you really see how you feel about it before you decide whether or not to keep it.

Using coupons and promo codes can save you a great deal of money when you do your birthday and holiday shopping, or when you are choosing to make a new purchase for yourself.

Do the Fingerhut Discounts Expire?

The coupons and promotional codes do expire, so you will need to pay close attention to the discount codes available when you want to use them. Your Choice Plus membership benefits will only expire when you cancel your membership. The membership fees will be taken out of your credit line, and will automatically renew every year.

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