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Geico Discounts

Applying for an Geico Discount

When customers apply for Geico insurance coverage, they are automatically applying for Geico discounts – in some cases. Other discounts, like the discounts offered to customers who have affiliations with certain businesses, are not automatic and must be brought to the attention of a Geico representative. Call 1-800-861-8380 to speak with a representative about your Geico policy or to apply for new coverage and discounts.

Terms and Conditions of Your Geico Discount

You can find detailed information about all discounts available as part of the Geico Discount Program[+].

Benefits of Having a Geico Discount

Geico offers a variety of discounts to customers. The main benefit of all Geico discounts is money. Discounts reduce the amount of your Geico bill. Discounts available from Geico include:

Vehicle Equipment

  • Air Bag: Savings of 25% to 40% off the medical or personal injury portion of your premium.
  • Anti-Lock Brakes: Savings of 5% off the collision premium.
  • Anti-Theft: Savings of up to 25% off the comprehensive premium.
  • Day Running Lights: Savings of up to 3% on undisclosed premiums.

Driver History

  • Accident Free: After five years with no accidents, savings of up to 26% off multiple premiums.
  • Seatbelts: Always wearing your seatbelt could reduce premiums for medical or personal injury up to 15%.

Driver Education

  • Defensive Driving: Savings if the defensive driver discount is available in your state. Check Defensive Driver Discounts[+] to see if your state participates in this program.
  • Good Student: Students with a B average or better can earn up to a 15% discount on some premiums.

Customer Loyalty

  • Multi-Car: If you insure more than one car with Geico your discount can reach 25% off most premiums.
  • Multi-Policy: More than one policy with Geico can reduce the cost of one or more policy premiums.


To see if you qualify for an affiliation discount visit Geico Affiliate Offers[+] to find your organization or company.

Do the Geico Discounts Expire?

Geico discounts do not expire, but the company reserves the right to change discount policies at any time. If a discount policy is changed and you are currently receiving the discount on your insurance bill, the Geico Discount Program will notify you of the changes and may advise you to contact the customer service department to calculate the change in premium.

Affiliation discounts may also change from time to time. Organizations are added and deleted from the affiliation list, which means changes in premiums for customers.

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  1. Paul MacMahan says:

    Hi,I am a Geico customer.Wondering if there is a senior discount for this policy.I have been retired since last August and the mileage on my vehicle hasn’t changed much in a yearThank you

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