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Gold’s Gym Discounts

About Gold’s Gym Discounts

Gold’s Gym[+] is a network of nationwide fitness clubs. There are even a few clubs internationally as well, located in: Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. Discounts on membership are sometimes available to new members. Beyond discount codes available online to help you save on your membership, there are discounts for military, group, and corporate memberships.

Discounts may vary from club to club. Talk to a local club representative to learn more about the specials in your area.

Gold’s Gym Discounts

Military[+]: Gold’s Gym offers a military discount enrollment fee of only $49, which is normally $79-$199. Plus, military members get an additional 20% off of Gold’s Gym dues. All you have to do is use the location finder to locate the Gold’s Gym closest to you. Pay your $49 enrollment fee online. Print your receipt to take it with you to your local gym to activate your membership. The discounted membership is available to both active and veteran military personnel, so a current military pay stub or military ID must be shown as proof of eligibility when you activate your membership. If you don’t want to start the process online, all it takes to visit your local club.

Corporate[+]:Gold’s Gym will work with your company to develop a custom solution. Since all of the programs are customized to what works best for you and your employees, you will need to speak to a club representative to learn more about the program pricing and features may vary.

Group[+]:If you are a business owner who is looking to improve your employee’s overall well-being, then a corporate option could be right for you. This will enable you to offer a discounted gym memberships to any employee who meets guidelines you set. You will need to speak to someone at Gold’s Gym to set up the program, so pricing may vary.

Terms and Conditions of Your Gold’s Gym Discount

The terms and conditions of your Gold’s Gym discount will vary depending on the deals and promotions at the time of sign up. Certain discounts and promotions may not apply to all plans. Talk with a local club representative to learn more about what you can qualify for.

Benefits of Having a Gold’s Gym Discount

Not only will the Gold’s Gym discount help you get healthier at a more affordable price, it can help you save money on health insurance policies, if you are with a program that rewards wellness. Beyond this, your membership comes with discounts with a number of Gold’s Gym partners, including AAA.

Do the Gold’s Gym Discounts Expire?

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