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Groupon Discounts

About the Groupon Discount Program

Groupon® is a daily deals website offering deep discounts on a variety of services in cities across the country. Even if Groupon isn’t available in your city yet, there are several deals offered online nationwide. You can find a variety of deals, ranging from goods and services such as restaurant and spa deals, to a round of golf. Businesses can advertise a Groupon deal to help draw in more customers.

Even though the Groupon deal only runs for a certain period of time, sometimes a day, sometimes a few weeks, sometimes a month, each person who purchases the Groupon deal will have a certain amount of time after the promotion is over to redeem the deal. The specifics of the deal are all revealed on the deal’s page on the Groupon website.

How the Groupon Refer a Friend Discount Works

With the Groupon Refer a Friend[+] discount, you will receive a $10 Groupon Bucks credit to your account. These Groupon Bucks are their token of appreciation for you spreading the word about their website and service, and can be used just as real money would be used, toward the purchase of your next Groupon.

Terms and Conditions of Your Groupon Discount

You will only get Groupon Bucks in your account if the person you refer is signing up for the first time, and places an order, worth $10 or more, on the site within 72 hours of clicking your referral link. It will take seven to 10 business days after the deal they purchased is no longer available for purchase for the Groupon Bucks to credit to your account.

You can earn a lifetime maximum of $100 Groupon bucks. If your friend cancels his or her order, your Groupon bucks may also be subject to cancellation. Your friend must click your personal referral link in order for you to get credit.

Benefits of Having the Groupon Discount

Since you can earn up to $100 in Groupon bucks, and Groupon deals are already heavily discounted, you can find great deals to reward yourself, your family, and your friends with. Whether you’re looking for a special treat for yourself, a gift, or you just want to try that new restaurant but don’t want to pay full price, Groupon has something to offer everyone.

As of November 2013, Groupon Bucks cannot be redeemed for the purchase of a gift card, however, this may change in the future.

Do the Groupon Discounts Expire?

If you receive your Groupon Bucks as part of a refund, they will never expire. However, Groupon Bucks awarded as part of a promotion may come with an expiration date. Look closely at the terms of the offer to see if they specifically state they expire.

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