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Sears Discounts

About Sears Discounts

Sears is a major retailer found in many malls across the country. They also have free-standing stores. They offer a wide range of discounts, including employee discounts, cardholder discounts, and regular sales. They do not offer an everyday military discount.

Sears does have a rewards program, called Shop Your Way Rewards[+]. You’ll earn points for every dollar you spend, and be included for special members only coupons and discounts. This rewards program can also be used at all KMart stores.

How to Get Sears Discounts

Since Sears is constantly changing their discounts, there is no clear cut way to always make sure you’re getting discounts on the items you buy. Before shopping, check the sales on the official website, or look for the in-store circular. For the latest information on all current and upcoming sales and promotions, sign up for the Sears mailing list, so that all the sales and promotions are delivered directly to your email box.

Sign up for Shop Your Way Rewards and use your card every time you shop. This way you’ll earn points for everything you buy, which can then be used as a discount on a future purchase. The program also tracks what you buy, so you can get exclusive member’s only savings on the items you buy most frequently.

Terms and Conditions of Your Sears Discount

Since there are so many discounts offered at any given time, it is important to be sure you understand the terms and conditions of your discount. For instance, items in certain departments will come with a discount, but other discounts may be based on the amount of the total purchase, or specific brands. Each discount will be clearly detailed in the sales circular, both online and in-store. Pay attention to the valid dates of all the offers to ensure you qualify for the discount you have in mind.

Benefits of Having a Sears Discount

Sears carries everything from large and small appliances, to clothes and shoes. Using a discount at any time can save you up to hundreds of dollars, plus the money you spend can go into your Shop Your Way Rewards, if you have enrolled in the program.

Do the Sears Discounts Expire?

Yes, Sears discounts do expire. Sales and promotions are constantly changing, and special Shop Your Way Rewards bonuses will expire from time to time. You have a limited window of time to use your points before they will expire. The employee discount will not expire for the duration of your employment with Sears and its parent company KMart.

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  1. clara Castro says:

    Does Sears has a week day for extra savings for senior citizen (65 & over like most big stores do?

  2. Fm warren says:

    I have the same question?

  3. Oluyemi says:

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