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Sprint Discounts

About Sprint Discounts

Sprint® is a major nationwide carrier or cellular phone services. In addition to regular promotions on a variety of cell phones and contract plans, they offer both employee discounts and referral discounts to help their customers earn for being loyal.

Applying for a Sprint Employee Discount

This discount offers a monthly discount on your bill to certain employees, students and members of participating companies, universities and organizations. Visit Sprint Discount Program[+] to determine if you are eligible. You will need to be affiliated with one of the many businesses participating, and provide proof of eligibility before you will receive the discount. AAA members, and members of certain credit unions may also be eligible. Actual discount amounts vary depending on your affiliation and service plan.

Sprint’s Referral Discount

If you’re already a customer, you can earn discounts and rewards for referring new customers to Sprint with the Sprint Referral Program[+]. For every customer you refer, you can earn a $75 reward card, and they will get a $50 reward card. You can earn up to $500 in rewards every year! You can use these American Express® cards to pay down your cell phone bill, or to treat yourself to something special–they are accepted anywhere where American Express is accepted.

The referral program has specific terms and conditions which must be met in order to qualify.

Benefits of Having Sprint Discounts

If your business or organization qualifies for the monthly service discount, you can get the service you need at a fraction of the price compared to what normal customers pay. Using special deals and promotions the company runs can save you money on your monthly bill and the phone you choose. Though promotional offers change on a regular basis, there is always some sort of promotion for people who are looking to start a new contract service.

Do the Sprint Discounts Expire?

Yes, they can. Promotions like the Switch and Save program are always changing. You will lose your discount if you ever leave the company that makes you eligible for the discount. You will not lose your referral discounts, though you can only earn so many of those per year.

3 responses to “Sprint Discounts”

  1. Pat Calhoun says:

    I am considering transferring from AT@T to Sprint (referred by my son, who is a Sprint customer) I am a senior and am now receiving a senior discount from AT@T. Can I expect a senior discount from Sprint?

    • Angelica says:

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  2. Sandra Mary Maltais says:

    Do you have discounts for senior citizens?

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